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Government administration building to double its solar energy generating capacity

The Government of Yukon is adding a new solar photovoltaic system to its main administration building which will double its solar energy generation capacity and result in an annual generation of approximately 8,800 kilowatt hours.

Yukoners are eager to save energy and money

Our Residential and Commercial Energy Incentive pilot programs are proving highly popular with Yukon residents and businesses, and are contributing to substantial energy and cost savings in Yukon.

Learn more about the incentive programs below.

Commercial energy incentives

Retrofit condos or apartments to improve energy performance, and reduce energy consumption, costs and emissions. Improve the lighting efficiency of commercial and institutional buildings by upgrading to energy efficient and long lasting LED lighting systems.

Good Energy residential incentives

The Good Energy rebate program has expanded its scope with the addition of the residential incentives program. Incentives are now offered for:

  • renovations that improve insulation levels, air tightness, and ventilation,
  • new super-insulated homes that achieve an EnerGuide rating of 85 or better,
  • installation of small-scale, residential renewable energy systems.

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